Worried About the New Covid-19 Strain Being Infectious? Here Is What You Need To Know

New covid-19 strain

New COVID-19 strain? The first one has hardly still left us?

These questions were my reaction when I heard about the new coronavirus strain. I am pretty sure that even all of you might have similar reactions. This deadly virus has the whole world thrown off balance –

  • Economies have gone for a toss;
  • Jobs have been lost;
  • A large number of deaths;

We are still recovering from this coronavirus in India and all over the globe. Its been a year since this deadly virus came into existence. We finally discovered that there is a vaccine. The vaccine is being administered to people. This administration has just begun and so has the hope that soon everything will be back to normal.

However, it seems as if the Year 2020 and COVIID-19 don’t want things to get back to normal. We are now hearing about the number of cases that are rising phenomenally in the UK. This sudden rise in Covid-19 UKnumbers was not expected and led to further investigation. The investigation revealed that there is now a new coronavirus strain. This new COVID strain indicates that there is a COVID mutation and is now causing a much faster spread of the Coronavirus in the UK.

What does the new COVID strain mean for us?

covid strain

So now let’s briefly look at and try to understand, what this new COVID-19 strain is all about? And how does it affect our lives as we see them?

Firstly, let us talk about mutations and how do they occur. Viruses are known to mutate especially when they are moving from one person to another. As they spread and reproduce, they like are bound to have minimalistic changes in their DNA or as we know – their genetics. However, as mentioned the changes are expected to be minimalistic and not very profound.

So why is the new COVID virus mutation causing so much upheaval? Minimalistic changes are not a concern, however in this case the new coronavirus strain has undergone a major change in its entire protein structure. Due to this change in the structure, it is now able to latch on and infect the cells in our body more quickly. Also, the new COVID mutation has a higher chance of spreading making it more contagious

Now that’s we have the basics covered, let us now talk about the next critical point, which is the new coronavirus strain and children. Children are the center and the love of our lives and caring about them becomes our primary responsibility. The earlier strain of Coronavirus was non-contagious as far as the children we concerned. With the older strain, affected children were seen with milder symptoms, mainly suffering from cough and cold. However, the new COVID strain is a more deadly virus and there is a major indication that it might be harmful to children.

The actual truth behind the new COVID-19 strain

Even though there are so many preventive measures in place for the new COVID strain, there are some things that we need to understand.

Firstly the COVID mutation and the new coronavirus strain are still being researched and most of the points listed above are initial observations and assumptions that have been made. Hence nothing concrete about the impacts of the new coronavirus strain is still precisely not known. There are still a lot of speculations about the behavior of the new coronavirus strain.

Also, the update and the confirmation of the new coronavirus strain have been communicated in the nascent stages itself; unlike its predecessor.  Hence the ease of handling and controlling the virus now becomes a relatively easy task.


At the end of the day, the spread of the new Coronavirus in the UK is a cause of concern. Currently, the only thing that can be considered a blessing is that this new coronavirus strain has not been seen anywhere other than in the UK. UK will probably look at tougher lockdowns so that the spread of the new coronavirus in the UK can be controlled. Additionally, as of now, there has even been a tight restriction that has been placed on flights and international travel. Several countries are not admitting Britons into their countries mainly to control the spread of this deadly virus and the new COVID mutation. So considering the current measures that are already been put into place the new coronavirus spread may be contained!

On the other hand, it’s very important to understand one of the key things that this deadly virus has taught us, which is SELF-CARE IS MANDATORY. We need to maintain utmost care of ourselves in all respects to keep the virus out of our systems or to be the disease at bay and to fight COVID-19, it will be good to take preventive measures that boost our immunity in these times.

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