Life after broken marriage

Marriage is a lovely affair if it worked out well for both. But if it didn’t, then nothing can be worse than this Marriage. You entered a relationship with so much hope, love, and care but it didn’t work out. It had to be officially dissolved, and it has dissolved. RELAX! Take a deep breath and THINK, is it good to keep dying every day it is better to die one day and finish it off.

Things will not work out the way you want them too, always. But that doesn’t mean you stop living. Life of women is affected, the life of men too after a divorce. Give yourself time to BOUNCE BACK, with a better version of you. Readout below how you can bounce back your life after a divorce.

Marriage Separation

1.Do Not Dwell Into

Agreed, you had feelings and you still have, bitter and sweet, both. But do not dwell into it. Help yourself get out of those feelings. Loss has happened and loss is a loss. ACCEPT IT and ask yourself, HOW TO MOVE ON? 

2.Take Your Time

 You are hurt, you are disturbed, not ready to accept what has happened to you. It’s OK. It’s absolutely ok to have such feelings. Take your time. But remember, do not take so much time that you have to regret it later. 

 3.Stop Playing A Blame Game

 Dear, life is not a piece of cake for everyone. There is life after divorce for men. There is life after divorce for women too. Do not keep blaming yourself. It was meant to happen and it happened. 

 4.Live For Yourself

Be Happy

Maybe you had given yourself so much into that marriage that you forgot being yourself. It’s fine. Now is the time. Be Yourself. Learn to love yourself, be yourself. Do what makes you feel happy. Buy yourself a gift. Please yourself. Find ways to rebuild yourself. 

 5.Get Back To Your Friends

 I was the wrong man. I was a wrong woman, that’s why our marriage didn’t work out. If one relationship didn’t work out that doesn’t mean you are the wrong person. Get back to your friends, meet them, and call them. You will feel better. One relation cannot define you. 

 6.Celebrate Being Single

 Think of the life you lived when you were single. Things you use to do. The life you use to live. It’s time for a girl’s party, for a girl’s trip, for a girl’s night out. Pamper yourself. You have got a chance to live your singlehood, don not spoil it. LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST. Think of ways 

 7.Discover A New Side Of You

 Everyone has an individual identity, you too. Why not invest in discovering your that quality which makes you stand out in the crowd? Why not this time invest time in rediscovering you? A completely new side of you. That YOU whom nobody knows. Maybe even not you. 

 8.Prepare a Bucket List

Wish list

If your marriage was a long relationship, then it is sure you must have given up on so many things to fulfil other’s expectations, say it be of family, husband, kids, or whatever. So now, when you are again single and have a complete chance of living for yourself, fulfil your dreams, then why not prepare a bucket list, a wish list of the things you always wanted to do but could not do because of some of the other reason. Jot down those hobbies, activities, or what so ever, that you always wished to do. And tie your belt to fulfil them one by one. 

 9.Love Your New Responsibilities

 If you were one of those partners who were in many cases dependent on the other partner, then dear, you need to love the roles and responsibilities you are now going to play in your life. It’s only YOU now who will be doing everything, whether for yourself or your child/children or any other thing. 

 Life is very unpredictable. Usually what we think will happen, will never happen. Who thinks of getting divorced? But life has to move on and one has to learn starting a new life alone. 

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Andrea loves to write about the relationship. She has been writing for more than a decade now. Solo traveller and love to surf

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