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Is Intermittent Fasting for weight loss?




Want to lose weight? Why don’t you try intermittent fasting?”
This has made intermittent fasting more of a weight-loss fad more than anything else.

Looking at the current COVID-19 pandemic, I would say more than all the medicines or more than worrying about trying a new fad, try INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) for boosting your immune system.

Surprised? Why would I want to diet or follow Intermittent fasting for a COVID-19 pandemic?

Intermittent fasting has a lot more benefits than just weight loss. Let’s start by going back to our roots and understanding fasting in general.

Going back to the roots

Fasting has been part of our culture since ancient times. Look at how farmers worked? They ate before sunrise and before they left for the fields.

all-religion-fastingPost the morning meal, they would only have meals in the evening when they were back from the fields. The other aspect to this is that every religion talks about fasting in its way – Christians have Lent for 40 days, Muslims have the month of Ramadan when they fast for more than 12 hours and finally, Hindus have various days of the year that are marked as fasting days.

This tells us that fasting has been a part of our culture and lifestyle since ancient times. The only difference is that earlier it was embedded into our lifestyles; currently, with changing times our eating pattern also changed.

Eating smaller meals at shorter intervals and the constant nibbling has led to higher amounts of food being consumed by the body. Another crucial point to note over here – our body is not designed to be able to consume the amount of food we consume.

Instead of providing us with a healthy lifestyle, this kind of lifestyle has to lead us to overeat, in turn, this leads to obesity. Obesity is the cause of most of the diseases that we know of today.

What does intermittent fasting do for the body? How does it work?

Understanding Fasting

Also, it’s not just the physical well being that we are now talking about. Fasting is known to be the cause of better spiritual and overall health, in general. How is that? Let’s first understand how your body works. Your body generates a certain amount of energy every day. And like any efficient system that energy is divided across the various bodily functions.

Now when we consume food, 80% of the energy is sent to the stomach for the digestion process. And the rest of the 20% gets divided across the rest of the functions. When we eat or nibble at frequent or smaller intervals, every time digestion takes place; the body prioritizes digestion over all the bodily functions and hence the energy is withdrawn from the various functions and fed to the stomach for digestion.

Now think about the other bodily functions, like muscle repair {especially if you are a fitness addict}, fighting diseases/viruses in the body, and finally let’s think about the brain. The brain is one of the most complex parts of the body; to the extent that even artificial intelligence has been trying to understand and depict the functioning of the brain for years and has still not been 100% successful.

Such a massive muscle being provided less than 20% of the bodily energy to function – would that work? Not at 100% efficiency.

Brain and Fasting

human-brainIn our day-to-day life, even with less than 20% of the bodily energy, your brain is working and that’s how most of us run our daily lives. Now just imagine what if the brain could be provided with more than 50% of the bodily energy or even put to 80% of the bodily energy –what would happen? To answer this question, if the brain is provided with that much amount of energy, the results would be PHENOMENAL. You would experience –

  • Faster brain processing
  • Improved concentration
  • Increase in energy and so on.

Remember this, the brain is the most important muscle of the body and hence when you give it energy and importance, you start to see overall effects in every facet of your life.

Is this even possible? YES. This is exactly what happens is when we fast or go into the fasting phase. Fasting means willing refrainment from eating for a certain period. The moment you stop eating and once the previous digestion process is complete, the body now has 80% of the bodily energy that is available.

Since the body no longer sees food coming in, this energy now gets diverted for the other bodily functions to be completed. So along with the above-mentioned brain benefits, the body now has energy for

  • Detoxification
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Repair and recovery of the muscles; and
  • Rejuvenation and growth.

How intermittent fasting is effective?

Our bodies are designed to survive without food for up to 24 hours. After 12 hours of fasting, when there is still no food provided to the body, the body goes into ketosis – the same effect we achieve with a keto diet, where the body started breaking down the carbs.

After about 20-24 hours of fasting is when the body starts going into starvation mode and then the breakdown of the protein stored in the body begins. So it’s not that if there is no food, you will die. Your body has various reservoirs of energy that are available for it to sustain.


In today’s world and the conditioning that we have received from the outside world has caused a complete change in the functioning of the body.

Instead of bettering our body, we are preparing our body for diseases and various other issues that affect our overall well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown us how badly our bodies are being treated.

What we need now if basically moving away from the myths & misconceptions that we have been feeding ourselves and moving back to our roots, towards a healthier body and lifestyle.

So what is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is finding a balance between fasting & eating periods depending on your body type and your own internal systems.

About the author


I am Sheetal Makhija aka Crazy Pulchritude, as most of the handles say. Currently, a trainer and a Kriya Yoga Practitioner and personally on a mission to be able to add values to people’s lives and just tell everyone out there that “No matter how hard it gets there is always hope. You don’t have to give up.” My mission and motto in life remain – Even if I can give hope to people, my life has been a success.

I am Sheetal Makhija aka Crazy Pulchritude, as most of the handles say. Currently, a trainer and a Kriya Yoga Practitioner and personally on a mission to be able to add values to people’s lives and just tell everyone out there that “No matter how hard it gets there is always hope. You don’t have to give up.” My mission and motto in life remain – Even if I can give hope to people, my life has been a success.

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10 Amazing Barley Water Benefits & Side Effects



barley water benefits

What is barley water?

Water that has been boiled with barley is used to make barley water. Barley (Hordeum vulgare), a grass, is an important cereal grain farmed in temperate areas all over the world. It was one among the earliest grains to be cultivated, and the barley seeds are sometimes filtered out. They’re sometimes just stirred in and blended with a sweet or juice to form a lemonade-like drink. Some civilizations drink barley water for its health benefits.

Benefits of barley water are given below:

1. Lowers cholesterol levels:

Your cholesterol levels may be affected by drinking barley water or barley tea. Tocols, which are contained in barley, has been demonstrated to lower LDL cholesterol and improve overall cardiovascular health. The antioxidants in barley water helps scavenge free radicals, reducing the oxidative stress your heart experiences as a result of toxic exposure. Barley water is high in fiber. The benefits of barley beta fiber for heart disease and cholesterol have also been examined and published by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

2. It regulates blood sugar levels:

The ability of barley water to manage blood sugar has been evaluated by Trusted Source. Controlling blood sugar spikes can be achieved by drinking unsweetened barley water. Barley water’s ability to reduce blood sugar after eating may be of particular importance to diabetics. Antioxidants in barley water also help to enhance diabetic results.

3. Helps you lose weight:

The fiber in unstrained barley water can help you have a more regular digestive system. It can also help you feel fuller for extended periods of time. Barley water hydrates you while also providing a significant amount of calories with very little fat. Due to these qualities, drinking barley water can be an efficient way to curb hunger and avoid snacking in between meals.

Because it digests slowly and keeps you satiated for longer, barley water is very good for weight loss when combined with a good diet and exercise.

4. Vitamins and antioxidants abound:

Whether produced with pearl barley or hulled barley, barley water is high in vitamins and antioxidants. Barley water contains high levels of folate (a B vitamin), iron, copper, and manganese. Barley water’s antioxidants add to its many other health benefits by promoting healthy cell growth while removing free radicals that create oxidative stress on your organs.

5. Aids in the prevention of atherosclerosis:

The artery walls thicken and restrict blood flow in atherosclerosis. As a result, the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease rises. Barley water also aids in the reduction of excessive blood pressure, which is linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

6. Enhances digestion:

Digestive fiber is abundant in cereal grains such as barley. It helps your body transport food through your stomach and out of your bowels. When you drink unstrained barley water, you’re giving this high fiber concentration a hydration boost. This suggests your body’s ability to cleanse toxins and lose water weight has been boosted. Barley is a good source of soluble fiber, according to the Mayo Clinic.

7. Cancer risk may be reduced:

New cancer research emphasizes the relevance of nutrition and lifestyle choices in reducing cancer risk. Barley’s fiber can protect your intestines by eliminating toxins that aren’t cleared during normal digestion. Barley includes ferulic acid, which may inhibit tumor growth in addition to the fiber it contains. Furthermore, according to one study trusted Source, the antioxidants present in barley prevented colon cancer cells from multiplying.

8. Aids the immunological system:

Barley water can help your immune system in another way, in addition to the free-radical-fighting capabilities of barley and the vitamins and minerals it contains. When you add citrus (like lemon rind or orange peel) to barley water, you boost the vitamin C content of the drink, making it even better for your health.

9. Helps in the balance of intestinal microorganisms:

The balance of natural gut bacteria is critical to a person’s overall health. Consumption of barley-based meals has been linked to a decrease in Bacteroides, a type of gut bacteria. While these bacteria are rarely harmful, they are the most prevalent species discovered in anaerobic infections, which develop following an injury or trauma. The gut, genitals, heart, bones, joints, and central nervous system are all susceptible to these illnesses.

10. Kidney Health is Improved:

It aids in the cleansing of the kidneys and the treatment of conditions like cystitis, kidney stones, and high creatinine levels. It’s a type of water that aids in keeping the body hydrated. Also, aids in the removal of toxins from the body by the kidneys.

Barley water recipes:

Everything is very easily available these days. But store-bought water can contain some added preservatives. We can make these quick recipes to get maximum advantages of barley.

Recipe – 1 Barley Water with Lemon Ingredients:

barley water recipe

Pearl barley– 1 cup Water– 1.5 liters
Juice of lemon– 1 tbsp Honey– 1 tbsp
cinnamon stick– 1 tbsp
root ginger (optional)– 1 tbsp


  1. Bring the water and barley to a boil
  2. Allow at least 30 minutes for the saucepan to boil before adding the
  3. Strain the
  4. To taste, add honey, lemon juice, or
  5. You can keep your homemade barley water for a few days in the

Recipe 2 – Barley Sharbat Ingredients:

Barley comes in three varieties: pot barley, hulled barley, and pearl barley.
Rock salt or salt to taste in water juice of a lemon
Honey, ice (optional)


  1. Soak the barley overnight or for at least 8 hours after washing
  2. Drain all of the
  3. To cook barley, combine it with water in a cooker or a
  4. Cook barley in a pressure cooker until it is soft and
  5. It can also be cooked in a pan, but it takes longer, especially hulled barley, which takes about an hour to cook and requires a lot of water.
  1. Allow the barley to cool at room temperature once it has been
  2. Take the mixture and strain
  3. Now season with rock salt or salt, lemon, and ice to
  4. You can also add a little honey if you want it to be
  5. Whoa! Your handmade barley sharbat is ready to
  6. It’s best served chilled, so have fun with it!


  • When stored in a glass container, the barley water can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days (maximum 1 week).
  • While drinking barley water, bear in mind that it is a diuretic, so limit yourself to six glasses per

As seen above, there are some restrictions on drinking barley water. This means that as there are advantages of barley water, it comes with side effects too.

Side effects of barley water:

1. Intestinal Gas / Flatus:

Barley generates intestinal gas or flatus since it is a soluble dietary fiber. The actions of the beneficial bacteria in our colon are the explanation for this. To avoid gas production, attempt to minimize your intake of barley water.

2. Stomach:

Excessive drinking of barley water, as well as its interactions with certain drugs, might cause an upset stomach. In all circumstances, stomach irritation can cause modest to severe symptoms such as pain, cramps, bloating, and occasionally even loose stools or diarrhea.

3. Complications of Surgery:

Because barley water can induce a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, you should always be cautious before having surgery. It is recommended that you abstain from drinking for at least 10 to 14 days before undergoing surgery. Also, It will assist you in controlling your blood sugar levels, preventing a variety of surgical problems.

4. Celiac disease:

Celiac disease is a type of wheat allergy brought on by gluten intolerance. Barley includes a high level of gluten, which aggravates the illness.

5. Asthma in Bakers:

In persons who work in bakeries, the grain of barley can trigger a significant respiratory allergy known as ‘bakers’ asthma.’ However, if you are exposed to a lot of barley flour while preparing your barley water, you may contract it. So be cautious.

Also, read Celery juice detox benefits for body and keep yourself hydrated.

About the author


Andrea loves to write about the relationship. She has been writing for more than a decade now. Solo traveller and love to surf

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Top 10 Home remedies For Clear Skin: Easy Clear Skin Remedies



Home remedies for clear skin


Getting clear skin at home is something that most people aspire for. But only some have the privilege of getting it naturally. After all, we are all guilty of putting ourselves in a position where we compromise our healthy eating or exercise routine for something less difficult.

Though many people deny this has any effect on their skin, it isn’t true. The beautiful skin secrets lie in practicing a healthy lifestyle, and of course by following a natural therapy for glowing skin.

Are you tired of searching for the answer to “How to get clear skin at home naturally”? Don’t worry, we bring to your screens home remedies for clear skin that are sure to get results.

Top ten home remedies for clear skin 

The wait ends with our exclusive and well-researched home remedies for clear skin. Check out if you have the ingredients to make the recipe for these clear skin remedies and try them for good results:

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil- home remedies for clear skinVirgin coconut oil has recently revealed its benefits, especially in the cosmetic industry, and skincare freaks can’t beg to neglect these advantages.

Coconut is known to be one of the best ingredients to include in your list of herbal tips for glowing skin. This can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and healing properties.

You can include it in your natural facial treatment as a makeup remover, by gently soothing your skin, or as a cleanser.

Remember that virgin coconut oil is different from regular coconut oil available in commercial and medical stores, and virgin oil offers greater benefits than regular coconut oil.

2. Mint

Mint - home remedies for clear skinMint is known for transporting cooling properties to anything and everything. How can you expect your skin to glow if it remains irritated and inflamed throughout the day?

Mint acts to reduce the redness, irritation, and inflammation in your skin and can be used as a natural cleanser for the face.

To include mint in your facial regime, you can take some fresh mint leaves, squeeze the juice out of them and apply it on your face using cotton swabs every night before sleeping.

You can also dilute the juice with water or fresh lime juice for better results.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe veraThe benefits of adding aloe vera to facial glow treatment are unlimited. This is one of the many reasons why people have started planting them for ease of access.

To get radiant skin, cut a part of aloe vera from the middle, and rub the gel on your face regularly by gently massaging the skin. You can also use commercially available aloe vera gels, but they won’t give similar results.

4. Papaya

PapayaThe enzyme papain present in papaya makes it a worthy candidate for inclusion in your night skin care routine home remedies.

Papaya has wound healing and antibacterial properties that seeps in your skin pores, tightens it and gives it a natural glow. To apply, you can mash raw papaya and gently massage your face with it.

5. Walnut

Many people are not aware of the benefits of walnuts as a facial for glowing skin. It is very easy to make.

Take equal parts of walnut flour and yogurt. Mix it together and apply it on your skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with water thoroughly and moisturize your face.

6. Probiotics

ProbioticsTaking regular probiotics is one of the most underrated beauty home tips that has ever existed. Studies have shown that probiotics contribute to a healthy stomach, good immune system, and visibly glowing skin.

As a general rule, you should focus on including probiotics in all your meals. Some examples are yogurt and buttermilk.

7. Turmeric

turmeric - home remedies for clear skinIf you are tired of looking at pimple scars and pigmentation on your skin, turmeric is you life saviour for this one.

A sweet spot for healthy skin, turmeric can be used and included in a number of ways in your skincare regime. Start by adding a pinch of turmeric in any kind of scrub you use.

8. Neem

NeemFor oily and acne-prone skin, neem is the perfect treatment. Apart from detoxifying the body, it also rinses the skin of all the bacteria, giving you the glow you have always wanted. The idea of boiling neem leaves or applying neem products does not ever go into the bin.

9. Rice Flour

Rice flour is an ideal ingredient for those who are looking to solve their skin problems of blemishes, wrinkles, and pigmentation, along with a perfectly glowing skin.

10. Lemon

Lemon - home remedies for clear skinLemon is rich in Vitamin C, which tightens the pores and gives your skin the perfect and natural glow. A piece of advice is to never apply it directly on your skin.


Remember, nothing will work if you keep stressing yourself up for the way you look and don’t stay happy. Instead, stay patient, and be consistent in the approach you follow. Accept yourself the way you are, wear confident skin and try the aforementioned home remedies for clear skin to get better results.

Also, read about 6 best melanin-rich foods for your hair 

About the author


Nupur is a graduate from Delhi University and is a passionate writer. Very fond of reading books and listening to old songs!

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5 food that can help you to grow hair faster



grow hair faster

Hair is that one element that everyone regardless of age, gender is always wanting to grow. With age, environment, and genetic factors affect on it, the hair tends to fall out making hair fall a very serious trouble of present days. The rejuvenation and renewal of these hair follicles have also slowed down, thanks to rough water, sun rays, and all the other factors like pollution.

At times like this, there are a couple of natural foods which when added to your diet could significantly bring in a change in the hair growth and could even accelerate its growth. The important thing to understand is ht the rate at which the hair grown back is influenced by many factors like age, genetics, health, hormones, and diet. Since all the other factors are not in your control and the diet is the one thing you could manage. In this article, we will be discussing foods that could help in growing your hair at a faster rate.

Superfoods to grow hair faster

1. Rich protein source- eggs

eggs to grow hair fasterThese are super packed with protein and biotin. The biotin element is the one that is significant for the production of hair protein which is called as keratin. The consumption of eggs on a daily basis will be providing the body with enough biotin which could synthesis keratin and influence overall hair growth. You might have already seen the element biotin as a supplement being marketed in the industry, which again is a great source. Using mustard oil for cooking of these eggs will further improve the results. Eggs are also a powerhouse with other hair proteins like zinc and selenium. It is often reported by medical researchers that biotin deficiencies are uncommon if the person is having a balanced meal. So making eggs a regular member of the diet could provide you with the said benefits.

2. Exotic berries

Exotic berriesThese include strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. These are loaded with vitamin C which has antioxidants. These help in protecting and creating a barrier in the hair follicles against the free radicals which make the hair dull and damaged. The berries and just a cup of them daily would make sure that you have enough Vitamin C which is also essential for the production of collagen. The collagen is the one that protects the hair follicles from thinning and brittleness. It is often seen that anemic patients deal with hair loss. The major reason is the low iron content. But with Vitamin C, iron could be better absorbed by the body diminishing the chances of anemia and helping the hair to grow faster and healthy.

3. Green leafy vegetable- spinach

Spinach- grow hair fasterSpinach is an excellent source of vitamin A, folate, iron, and vitamin C. We already discussed how vitamin C helps in hair growth. With Vitamin A, there is help in the production of sebum, which is responsible for keeping the scalp healthy. It is quite obvious that the scalp needs to be strong for the hair to grow out strong. Cooking spinach lightly in mustard oil and having a cup of it every day would just increase the overall rate of hair growth as the body is provided with a balanced meal.

4. Fish

FishFishes especially salmon, mackerel are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These are supposed to help with the hair growth. There have been a couple of medical research regarding the same and it is seen that the women who consume fatty fish or fish supplements have increased hair growth and decreased hair thinning. These fishes when cooked with mustard oil make it more nutritious. They also consist of selenium, Vitamin D3, B, and a great protein source.

5. Carbohydrates like sweet potatoes

sweet potatoSweet potatoes are bound to have an element called beta carotene which helps in the synthesis of the vitamin A. We have already discussed above how this vitamin helps in the production of the sticky substance called sebum which helps in keeping the scalp of the hair follicles extremely healthy and nourishing. Consuming a medium sweet potato is bound to provide more than four times the need for Vitamin A. Adding this to your diet will ensure that your hair grows faster.

6. Fat source- avocados

AvocadoAvocados are a rich source of fats and an excellent source of Vitamin E. The is vitamin along with its A counterpart does wonders to the growth rate of the hair. In a medical research, the group of women did amazing after they were subjected to vitamin E supplements for a period of six months. The avocados are delicious and also help reduce oxidation and release of free radicals which affects both our skin and hair. Regular consumption of avocado in any form is a great way to aid the hair growth.


7. Nuts

These are another fat source that is very easy and convenient to be added to your regular diet. These are very rich in essential oils, vitamin E, zinc, and all the other essential fatty acids that help in promoting the healthy hair growth. Apart from these benefits, they are also seen to reduce the overall inflammation and the risks of heart disease. This could very easily be added and just 28 grams of nuts like almonds could count in for over 37% of your daily Vitamin E needs. Add the different types of nuts to your diet for better results for the entire body.

8. Meat

This food item is almost a staple in all households. The protein in the meat makes the hair growth process get faster. It also includes iron which makes it easy to absorb the necessary vitamins. The red meat in this category is considered the most significant one. Be sure to cook them in mustard oil for additional benefits.

9. Seeds

Flax seeds, chia seeds are all the varieties of this amazing food item. These are calorie deficit but are loaded with nutrients. The addition of selenium, zinc, and vitamins makes prompts hair growth. Add these seeds to your regular diet through smoothies, acai bowls, cornflakes. The Vitamin E in them makes the hair grow faster and the Omega 3 fatty acids also help with the overall health of the body.

10. Seafood- shrimp

This seas fish is exotically packed with Vitamin B, zinc, iron, and Vitamin D. It is also seen through various researches that foods rich in vitamin D3 show great results with promoting hair growth. Shrimps are very low in fat but rich in all the vitamins and protein required for the healthy growth of hair. The use of mustard oil to cook this will make the delicacy more nutritious.

These are some of the food items that are sure to improve the rate of hair growth. There are many products that are marketed in the beauty industry to get hair growth and all other benefits. what is to be understood is that the products will only work on the surface. If you really want to address this issue you need to start focusing on your regime of exercise and diet.

A diet rich in proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and some supplements is the optimum way to promote hair growth. Every other technique being marketed in the popular media is just temporary and will not be facing the problem. So make sure you include all of these food items in a balanced way in your meal and see the results for yourself. There might be an amount of time that is required for this to act but still the problem of hair loss, growth could be solved in a permanent way. Hair follicles have to be protected from environmental factors too, but an essential diet could fix the basic problem on a whole.

Also, you can read our latest blog, 5 melanin-rich foods for hair

About the author

Alisha George
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