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Alpha Males And Females Exist In Animals. Why Not In Humans?



Alpha Female

“Don’t get married. You are an “ALPHA” in the head!” – Advice that I received from one of my mentors. A casual statement that got me thinking – “What the heck does that mean?”

“I already had some problems sustaining or getting into relationships. Does being an “Alpha” have anything to do with that?”

I had often heard “ALPHA” relating to animals and mainly the leader of the pack. Someone who is too dominant and has achieved the status by challenging the others and fending for themselves. Only when you have proved your capabilities and power can others see your supremacy and choose to accept you as a leader.

So how does this apply to humans? What is the first thing that comes to your mind – when I say “ALPHA”? Most probably, a MALE who has achieved something or is an iconic figure in society. How many times have you conjured up an image of a female? Very few. Also, the image that you conjure up is probably a male who is brimming with confidence and has access to a lot of power and money. Also, uncanny oozing of testosterone, making them attractive to females. Females like bad men, don’t they?

On the other end, if we talk about the female alpha most of the time, she would be considered unapproachable, have many attitudes, and even consider egoistic.

Let’s now try and understand what I have understood and why this difference. Being an Indian, I can talk about this from an Indian perspective, though I am pretty much sure that most of it apply everywhere also.

In our society, we are trained from childhood to accept that the male members of the family are the bread-earners and they are KINGS for the house or if I have to say, the ALPHAs of the house. So what makes them ALPHAs is –

  • They are allowed to do whatever they want.
  • They are always supported, no matter right or wrong.
  • Even things go wrong; they are not accused or held responsible.
  • Their actions and choices are never questioned.

So, no matter what he does, he is the KING. What does this result? A lot of SELF-CONFIDENCE. So if I have to see the ALPHA MENTALITY is instilled in their minds unintentionally at a very early age. Hence it’s not even surprising when males dominate most of the top positions across the world. Males in our society grow up, believing that they are INVINCIBLE.

Now let’s look at the females on the other hand. Most of the time, the way females are brought up is precisely the opposite of males and add to that, the females have the primary task of giving birth and taking care of the child(ren). Females in India are brought up with the mentality that they are never to question a men’s authority or give it back to him, even in the form of a joke. Even right at a young age, females are trained never to question the fathers or the brothers or any male of the house. Whatever they tell you has to be followed till the “T,” without any retort.

We are taught that we will need to quit our jobs and take on household activities and bring up the children. We even see our mothers and not the fathers being blamed in case of any “inappropriate” behavior. It is considered a mother’s job to bring up the children to be well-mannered and presentable.

Right from the clothes we wear to the decisions we make, everything about a female’s choices is questioned. Even in rape, it is always the female who is blamed and treated as if she has committed a crime.

What does it tell us? Right from birth, the female is taught to be submissive—most of the time from the older females in the family and then by society. The outcome? Females LACK SELF-CONFIDENCE – the critical ingredient that is responsible for the ALPHA MENTALITY. And most of the time, you will often find females pulling other females down. Like they say,

When people can’t rise to your level, they will pull you down to theirs; so that they can win.

And this is what happens; you are always judged and criticized all the time. And the worst at times, even abandoned by your friends and family.

Humans are said to be social beings, and the fear of not being accepted by society stops us from reaching our maximum potentials. We want to be continuously liked by the people around us, which forces us to do what others, please. So the ALPHA FEMALE is now suppressed till that quality no longer exists in her. Instead, she has now succumbed to the way that society wants her to behave.

So do alpha females exist? YES. There are always exceptions to every case. Some families don’t consider females need to be brought up any less than males and are brought up in the same way as the other males in the family. Other than that, there are specific scenarios where a female faces a difficult situation and succeeds all by herself, and understands what SELF-CONFIDENCE is. When she repeatedly undergoes this process of taking on something and achieving success, her level of self-confidence changes, and the ALPHA MENTALITY starts to get taught.


Once a female understands her worth, she becomes an ALPHA.

Simple? However, this is not where her battles end. Not all males can handle an ALPHA FEMALE. And often, you will find that ALPHA FEMALES have difficulties getting into or sustaining relationships. Once again, society begins to nag that you need to get MARRIED and SETTLED. So the alpha female is again made to submit and give in to the demands of society. There are very few females that manage to break out and STAY ALPHA.

Let’s end this by saying YES. I AM AN ALPHA FEMALE and a PROUD ONE. Was I an alpha from birth? No. I wasn’t. Like every other female, I was submissive and a complete people pleaser. I never knew that a word called “self-confidence” even existed.

How did I change? It sometimes takes a storm for us to realize our worth and a storm is what it took.

  • I learned the meaning of self-confidence.
  • I love trying new things, and learning is a way of life.
  • Many small wins made me realize my capabilities.
  • I took the onus for all my decisions.
  • I learned and practiced self-worth.

In short, to say today when I sit across the table, I know what I bring to the table. I am proud of myself.

So, finally, if you connect with this and feel that you are an ALPHA too –


About the author


I am Sheetal Makhija aka Crazy Pulchritude, as most of the handles say. Currently, a trainer and a Kriya Yoga Practitioner and personally on a mission to be able to add values to people’s lives and just tell everyone out there that “No matter how hard it gets there is always hope. You don’t have to give up.” My mission and motto in life remain – Even if I can give hope to people, my life has been a success.

I am Sheetal Makhija aka Crazy Pulchritude, as most of the handles say. Currently, a trainer and a Kriya Yoga Practitioner and personally on a mission to be able to add values to people’s lives and just tell everyone out there that “No matter how hard it gets there is always hope. You don’t have to give up.” My mission and motto in life remain – Even if I can give hope to people, my life has been a success.

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Love & Relationship

6 Best Ideas on how to propose a guy in a unique way



Girl propose a boy

Men should always propose; many of the women still wonder if it is right or wrong to propose to a guy. We live in 21 century, and everyone believes in inequality. Tradition considers that men, who first ask out a woman for a date but now the World has changed centuries have evolved, people get shocked when they hear about a girl proposing a boy, how can a girl propose a boy?

But it is perfectly right to propose a guy. You need to consider some of the essential things before you vent out your feelings to the man you love. Let us know how to propose a guy; here are some,

Unique ideas to propose to your boyfriend!

right-time-to-propose-a-guy (1)1. Choosing the right Time:

How to propose someone can be difficult but let’s make it easy. Choose a suitable time or a valid date, and you can be Proposing on Valentine’s Day, choose an appropriate day to tell your feelings to a guy that will make proposing easier. You can also some of the important days such as birthday, New Year’s Eve, or any other jolly occasion to let him know you love him. If you propose to your boyfriend for marriage, you can choose the day when you both first met that is the perfect date for you to propose.


Place to propose to a guy

6 tips to Propose to a guy

2. Choosing the right place:

Many people think about how to propose to a boy indirectly, but you should always do it directly and at the right place, guys are sentimental sometimes, avoid picking up crowded places to propose to him. Proposing at a crowded place may both of you feel the awkward situation. Places like shopping malls, coffee shops, and theatres are not the right places to propose a guy. Choose the right place that would be quiet. Make sure the spot you have chosen to make your proposal should be private. Places like beaches, gardens or your home can be perfect for proposing a guy. This is a sweet way to propose a guy.

3. Make it Romantic and Memorable:

Find a unique way to propose to a guy; after all, a girl proposing a guy is amazing in itself. It may sound clingy, but bending down on your knees and proposing your love with a ring is still considered very romantic. And first Time it feels good, your partner will love it; doing so will melt his heart, and he might express his love for you right there.

You may raise a question at the place where you met for the First Time; the best memories will flood both of your heart, embracing you with the most genuine feelings of love. Your proposal should be passionate and romantic. Many people think about how a girl can propose to a guy but now it every day, and it is very romantic.

4. Ask the question :

Be calm and remember lines to propose a guy, tell him that you want his attention as you want his full attention as you want to tell him something important. Make him prepared for the moment and then ask the question. Look into his eyes and make way for your feelings. Tell him that you love him, tell the reason why you love him. Ask him what he thinks about being in a relationship with you. He might need some time to digest what you said, give his Time, and give him reasons why you love him.

5. Say it with a love letter :

Love letter

Love letters can never be old-fashioned. In the age of emails, a love letter is a rarity; one can put forward his or her feelings through written words. If you are feeling awkward telling him your feelings, you can always use a love letter. You need not use flowery language while composing it but write what you think of him and lay down your paper’s emotions. It will easier for you.

6. Stay positive :

Although you must have thought about another plan, always stay positive whatever you stick to, create good thoughts before you propose to a guy, always think optimistic about positive outcomes.

Also, read our blog on the Karmic relationship

About the author


Nupur is a graduate from Delhi University and is a passionate writer. Very fond of reading books and listening to old songs!

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Love & Relationship

7 Signs You Are Dealing With An Obsessive Relationship



Jealous partner

Strong love inclines to mature over the years to comprise loyalty, commitment, understanding, and great respect for the other-self as a person and of their necessity. Healthful relationships enable both partners to sense the feeling of love, tended for, valued, and enable for each individual’s identity, competitive activities, and friendship outward of the love connection.

Unluckily, obsessive love has been glorifying in literature for over the past, also by the media, once the media appeared into truth. The partner who loves obsessively perhaps acts as if addicted to their partner. In turn, the subject of obsessive love possibly has complications setting clear boundaries and limitations on obsessive behaviours. In this article, we have presented you with

7 signs that indicate you’re dealing with an obsessive relationship

1. Emotionally blackmail you or compel you

You should rethink being with someone who sentimentally blackmails and compels you to be with him as the partner learns how he/she can utilize your warmth of love as a tool to exploit you.

2.  Stalker

A healthy connection is all about faith. But some people have this addiction to retaining a trace of their partner’s actions. Your partner’s behavior can begin with something modest such as chasing your live locale by utilizing GPS for your security. Just keep in mind this deadly behaviour of your girlfriend/boyfriend should not be mystified with love and concern.

3. Your Love affirms on knowing your entire password

Does your partner keep the intention that you should let your lover know all your passwords (comprising your cell phone password)? This is an indication that you’re courting with a greatly insecure individual and this uncertainty can twist the partner into the obsessive partner.

4. When the lover is excessively clingy

Clingy relationship

Greatly love bonds retain a picture-perfect onset where the partners expect to share every piece of information of their everyday life with their partner.

Does your lover frequently urge your attention at every next second thing? Your partner expects both to should use every moment with you? Approximately, your lover is getting obsessed. So, this kind of clingy action can be contemplated as a red flag sign that your lover is obsessed with you.

5.Your lover likes to be in touch with you 24/7

Every person who is in love pursues their lover’s attention at some level but it does not imply that your lover has the privilege to spam you with meaningless texts or often call you ubiquitously the day only because He/She wants to be in touch with you. The need to be in continual touch with a partner is an indirect sign of an obsessive lover.

6. Extremely jealous

Jealousy is one of the main warnings of obsessive relationship. It begins with a cute “awww” emotion but afterward comes out with a suppressing feeling.

Resentment is an obsessed individual’s BFF. Accept it as a warning sign of obsession. If your lover is sickened or gets envious for minor reasons such as somebody praising you and you giving time to your friends. Insecurity and Jealousy get terrible when someone comes to behaving sceptically to convince his fancies and whim. So It is good to ignore this kind of people.

7. No respect for personal space

Obsessive relationship

You would be feeling glad and flattened during the initial weeks of your courtship but after some time you will be muffled by such things. This sort of relationship streams into the shape of psychological misuse in which the misuser perhaps not even be familiar with as they are providing their whole selves to their lover.

It could be extremely annoying when your partner gives you excessively much time and departing you with no chance to meet other people, comprising your family and friends. He/She prevents you to not be socialized.  Someone who has no concern for your personal space shouldn’t have space in your heart and life.

In Conclusion

Obsession isn’t something that person perceives once in a time but is a lasting sentiment within for somebody. It begins with keeping a love feeling, where you think about unicorns, miracles, and magic, ultimately blowing up your fancy bubble with the truth that keeps up. So, if, you can associate with any point or all the aforementioned facts, then make clear that you keep a sharp eye on actions and curb the obsession. An obsessive relationship can be extremely unhealthy Click here, to know the 10 early signs of an unhealthy relationship.

About the author

Sony Bisht

Highly creative and an extrovert who completely loves interacting with people and making new connections. I love using my creative ideas on waste and DIY items. Other than this I am a complete foodie and rather enjoy trying different food varieties.

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Love & Relationship

Top 15 Signs She’s Cheating On You: Beware Of These Signs



she is cheating

One sight is everything when it revolves around cheating. The unfaithful partner or the partner you don’t trust always has erratic behavior. No one likes to have a relationship in which they are being cheated away. All the statistics in today’s world reveal very few successful relationships in which both the partners are true enough or both the partners trust themselves to a full extent.

From emotion to mental affairs, all the pains are hard to forget. This cheating process contains an exceedingly terrible feeling when one person is cheated. Here are some easy tricks or signs that how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.

Signs your girlfriend is cheating

1. Distance

It is the most significant sign when you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you. If your partner is giving you lesser time than in the past, then surely something Miscellaneous is going in their mind or something unusual can happen. If your partner is, again and again, blaming you or maintaining a distance like she is not ready to meet you alone is the only sign which indicates that she is cheating on you.

2. Personal appearance difference

Change in personal appearance is another essential factor or a sign which indicates that she is cheating on you. Most people always like to look smarter or always want to change their appearance when they are having an affair. It is the most noticeable sign while you are in a relationship.

3. Repeating names in a conversation

There is always a side when the one you love is on your tongue. If a person has an affair, they mistakenly repeat the name repeatedly in a conversation that can be a clear sign your girlfriend is cheating.  Read this blog to get over someone to have good confidence in you.

4. Behavioural changes

If you are confusing that how to tell is she cheating or not or how to know if she had cheated, then make it simple and just focus on every change occurring in her attitude.

5. Bank balance reducing

It is the simplest way of clarifying that she’s cheating on you or not. Whenever there is more and more use of credit cards often and in a waste thing like food, makeup, and any male or female item, it’s simple to identify the external affair.

6. Phone attraction

she is cheating

Phone attraction or social media attraction can be a vital sign in identifying your partner’s affair, indicating the signs she may be cheating. Catching up with old friends or ex is a high point that can be a solution for many things.

7. Gossips

Never ignore the gossips or the talks you hear around you from your friends and family members. It is one of the top signs she is cheating can be identified. Sometimes your friends will also say that she’s cheating, bro, and you have to accept them.

8. Distracted

Indeed, always a person who will be balancing two relationships will be distracted most of the time. It becomes indispensable to find out if she’s cheating. Distraction is the most noticeable cheating sign of a woman. Focus on every little too big thing carefully.

9. Not standing on her words

It is sure that if your partner wants to leave you, he or she will not stand to abide by her wordings. She will never support what she has said in the past and interpret future conversations for sure.

10. Not interested in a physical relationship with you anymore

If she denies again and again about physical contact then indeed, she’s not interested in you anymore.

11. Doesn’t tell you anything

I’d your partner does not tell you anything where she goes or what she does, and then definitely it’s a sign that your girl is cheating on you.

12. Gets mad easily

If she gets mad at your small and simple question, it may be a sign that your partner is ignoring or cheating on you.

13. Messages you once a day

If your partner has started ignoring you or messaging you, then it is a sign that she is cheating on you.

14. Talks to you rudely

Ignoring you or talking rudely is almost the same thing. If it happens, then your partner may be cheating on you.

15. Easily gets angry or annoyed

It is also a significant sign which can tell that your partner is cheating on you.

About the author


Nupur is a graduate from Delhi University and is a passionate writer. Very fond of reading books and listening to old songs!

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