Is It The Right Time To Introduce Cereals to Baby

Baby Cereal

For a baby, the only food is milk. Introducing solid food to a baby is the first transition phase from milk to adult food. When we talk about introducing solid food to a baby, there comes many questions in the mind of a mother. Why solid food is to be introduced, when to introduce solid foods to a baby, what solid food to introduce, and the list goes on. So, let’s talk about these questions in detail.

When Solid Food Is To Be Introduced?

So, mommy has your baby become curious about food when you are eating Then mommy, you need to understand that your baby is ready to intake solid foods and you should introduce him/her with the first solid food. It’s sure that your baby must be 3 to 4 months old now because usually, babies show these

What Solid Food Is To Be Introduced?

ow mommy when you have got an idea that your baby is ready to intake solid food, you must be wondering what should be the first food I must give it to my baby. Hold on. Here is the answer to your question. Start with a cereal for babies. What is cereals? Why only cereals and not anything else?

Cereals has been a traditional food being introduced to baby as their first food. This food can be easily digested by the baby’s digestive system and will not cause any sort of harm to them. But still, you must observe while feeding your baby that the baby can swallow it easily, has not any problem. If you see any, you must stop immediately.

How To Introduce Cereals To Babies?

You may start with giving rice cereals, 3 months baby food, to baby with formula milk or breast milk, if you are a feeding mommy. Mind it, you have to start small and then increase gradually depending upon how the baby is responding. Start with giving one kind of cereal for consecutive 2-3 days and observe if the baby is not having any allergy. If the baby refuses to take, don’t force and stop immediately. Another thing mommy you should know is, feed cereal with a spoon and not with a feeder or bottle.

What Cereals Can You Give To Your Baby?

As a first time food, mommy introduce rice cereals to your baby. You can try giving homemade baby cereals to your baby. Once your baby has started responding well to cereals, you can introduce homemade multigrain cereals to baby, oats for babies, cerelac for 4 months baby. The only thing you need to keep in my mommy is that your baby is not showing any sign of an allergy to whatever type of cereal you are giving. And whichever cereals for babies you are introducing, give it one at the time and for atleast 2-3 days consecutively. Once your baby has become used to cereals for babies, feel free to introduce a variety of soft foods.

Cereals For Babies, At What Age?

For a baby, the right age to introduce cereals for babies is 6 months. But it is not necessary mommy, every baby is different. If your baby watches you while eating, wants to reach out to food, opens his mouth while you are eating then you can introduce, cereals for babies, and homemade cereals for babies to them.
Remember not to add any SUGAR, HONEY, OR SALT to your babies cereals. They are to be prepared just by adding formula milk, breast milk or with water.


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