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Do multivitamins make you healthier?
Multi-Vitamins for body

Today we see so many different companies that are producing multivitamins and people forever seem to be consuming these OTC multi-vitamins. If we need multi-vitamins now, what did people in olden times do?

Believe it or not – most of us don’t even need to consume the multi-vitamins. Nature is capable of providing all nutrients that our body requires. Go back to olden times, when chemists and pharmacists didn’t exist. During those times, we had simple eating habits. All things we consumed, was available naturally. As times changed, the hustle and bustle of our lives increased, and the kind of food that we consumed changed. Our lifestyles changed from nourishing our bodies to just feeding our bodies with quick food, containing a lot of junk and more than that food high in chemical preservatives. This change in lifestyle has led to vitamin-deficient food choices. Hence arises the need for pills to supplement our nutritional requirements.

COVID and Multi-vitamins

In the current situation, the COVID-19 fear is driving us to paranoia. Till a vaccine is devised, we are looking at ways and means to save ourselves. This anxiety has resulted in, heavy consumption of all possible multi-vitamins that are commonly recommended by friends and family. So much is the paranoia that we have not even realized – maybe we are causing more harm to our body than building it up!

– Maintaining a healthy diet

An unbalanced meal is the main culprit for the missing nutrients in our body. Eating a balanced diet is a better way to supplement your body with the required vitamins and minerals. For example, have a vitamin – D deficiency – spend time out when the sun just rises. Over a period of time, you see your vitamin D levels change. The other benefit is a happier you. Go out for a walk during the early morning hours and see how the flow of the day changes. Doctors advise patients to consume meals consisting of fruits and vegetables, over supplements produced synthetically.

– Different types of vitamins

Another thing to keep in mind is what are the types of vitamins and how the body deals with them.

Vitamins are mainly of two types – fat-soluble and water-soluble. When fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A and K, are consumed in excess, they are stored in the body. While water-soluble vitamins are easily thrown out of the body through the urine, in case of excess quantities.

– Combining vitamins and various supplements

As a worst-case scenario, if you do need to consume some of the synthetic vitamins ensure that you check how they are consumed. There are certain combinations of vitamins and supplements that need to be avoided; while on the other hand, certain vitamins need to be consumed in a certain way. So before you pop a pill you ensure that you have checked with your physician or your local pharmacist on how the dosage needs to be administered.

– Vitamins might not boost your immunity the way you think

Firstly, we need to understand and accept that our bodies are crafted with a lot of care. Your body needs something to survive, it has already been provided. And this is especially true in the case of the immune system. Our immune system is very finely tuned to work in precise proportions. This means that when the body is subjected to a virus or bacteria, the immunity levels would increase. On the other hand, under normal circumstances, immunity levels are low. While using vitamins without the right knowledge, for boosting the immune system can result in a hyperactive immune system. A hyperactive immune system would add on to your health problems rather than reducing it. People with a hyperactive immune system tend to suffer from allergies, diabetes, and various types of autoimmune and anti-inflammatory disorders.


Consumption in moderation is the key; anything consumed in excess is bad. This is what applies to vitamins as well. Excess of vitamins can lead to an increase in levels of toxicity in the body. This further leads to a condition, known as “hypervitaminosis”. Besides, there are also some more things that you should know before consuming OTC vitamins.

Finally, we need to understand that everybody is different. That further implies that everybody’s immune system works differently. So what do I mean when I say this? It’s important to understand that things that work for others not necessarily would affect your body in the same way. The first principle of initiating anything understands how your body works and what affects your body. The moment we get this clarity we can understand what and how and even which multi-vitamins does the body need.

need-multi-vitamin pillDo you even need a multi-vitamin pill?

Thinking of popping a synthetic pill? Ensure you have your lab tests done and have consulted a doctor. You don’t have to take a multi-vitamin just because everyone else is taking the same. A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced meal, regular exercise, and meditation, is sometimes a better option than popping a multi-vitamin.

Ask yourself – do you have the same allergies as people close to you? If not, then how will the same multi-vitamins affect your body in the same way?

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