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What Is A Karmic Relationship? How To Know It Is Karmic?



Ever felt a love so passionate, you just can’t walk away despite it being painful? Well, chances are you are or have been in a karmic relationship.

A karmic relationship is a relationship that is equal parts passion and pain. Despite trying you just can’t walk away from that relationship, no matter how much others around you tell you.

With the ebb and flow of breakups and reunions, on-and-off relationships, both partners seem unable to resist. While karmic relationships are mostly seen in a negative light-as toxic, they are not always negative.

Karmic relationships provide opportunities for personal growth and love lessons. You learn more about yourself, your habits, and your weaknesses, in a karmic relationship than in any other.

There’s an instant magnetic attraction between two people in a karmic relationship for an inexplicable reason. They are drawn to each other like a moth drawn to a flame.

You know the relationship is probably bad and toxic yet you can’t walk away, you feel like you can’t live without the other person. You turn blind to your partner’s flaws and faults.

However, a karmic relationship is not simply a romantic one, it can also be platonic or familial, with a family member, friend, etc.

A karmic relationship is one that gives you lessons for the future, for personal growth, and tips for your future relationship with your soulmate.

Shannon Kaiser, the author of “The Self-love Experiment” says that karmic relationships are like guides or teachers. “They’re meant to help you grow at soul level is often difficult push-pull ways.”

“But usually they are not intended to last a long time. This is because you two are coming together in this life to clear the karma between each other.”


Identifying a karmic relationship can often be tricky. It is likely that you are already in deep before you start realizing that you are in a karmic relationship. However, there are some signs that might help you identify one-

  1. You’re on a rollercoaster of emotions. You feel happy one minute, sad the next, and angry the next.
  2. There seems to be an instant connection between you, for some inexplicable reason.
  3. They feel destined to be your soulmates. You feel like it is a forever relationship.
  4. Patterns of breakups and reunions. Such a pattern is the most striking sign of a karmic relationship
  5. You feel addicted and dependent.
  6. You are scared of how it might end. Because of this fear you are willing to do all to prevent a break-up.
  7. You turn a blind eye to their faults and flaws. Despite clear flaws, you cover them up and make excuses for them.
  8. There is a feeling of powerlessness. You wish for change but you can’t bring change.
  9. It feels like a one-sided relationship. It can feel toxic and self-serving.
  10. There’s a lot of drama. It seems like a swarm of drama is the foundation of your toxic relationship.

Getting out of a karmic relationship can seem tough but one must remember that it’s not about ending the relationship, rather ending the Karma.

If you have had some hard times, or felt pain and suffering, felt toxicity in your relationship? If yes, you are on the road towards ending your karmic relationship. A significant strength is required to break free from them.

The best way to move on from such a relationship is to break-through from them and realize the lesson from it. Having support from friends and family is also very helpful and strengthening.

You can do it!

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