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What Does Watery Period Blood Mean? Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore



Why is my period blood watery? you are not getting the answer? Every time you see your blood during seems similar to you. But that is not the same. when you have cut in any part of the body is the same. That you can see on your tampon, pad, or toilet bowl it is a mixture of both tissue and blood from the lining of your uterus.

Both factors influence how your period blood will look like. We all know period blood is also known as menses and menstrual blood. It can appear different from day to day during your period, across different women, and different cycles. If you see period blood bright red and watery and watery discharge before period let’s find out why?

What does watery period blood mean?

Usually, some of the women have lighter periods, but you have to be careful if your blood becomes thinner or watery or you experience water discharge of any color, it may be a symptom of tumor or anemia. And if you see them, consistently, blood gets thinner and thinner over two-plus cycles; you need to talk to your doctor about being tested for nutritional deficiencies or any of the tumors, light watery period blood can be or maybe not be dangerous.

In the canal that leads to the uterus produces mucus, and this mucus helps to protect and direct to the sperm and the egg, but it can thicken when affected by hormonal contraceptives, and if your blood is slicker than usual, well that can be just because of cervical mucus has mixed with the blood, this is very normal and there no reason to worry, but if you find anything, unusual consult doctor.

Watery period blood is very thin and likely new blood flowing quickly from the uterus, some of the women may experience very heavy flow which is also known as menorrhagia. Clots could or could not accompany bleeding with the condition. You can look for other symptoms of anemia like fatigue, shortness of breath.

Blood–tinged discharge that usually happens during ovulation may be mixed with cervical mucus, this discharge may be also described as wet and slippery.

Symptoms you shouldn’t ignore:

1. You never miss menstruation

We all know that normal is a very flexible term when it comes to describing periods. Most women have a cycle for about 21 to 35 days. But if your periods do not approach you then it could be or could not have a baby.

2. The period is very long, but this period is too short! 

Note: period–town may not be a reason for concern, especially if your body rolls that the way. We all know the period lasts for 2 to 6 days. every woman is proverbial goldilocks. She knows exactly her length of period. 

3. More liquidly than thick? 

As it is the rule of the uterus, that bleeding through one or more tampons or pads per hour is a sign of menorrhagia, which is also heavy menstrual bleeding, this condition is very inconvenient, you may also have symptoms like shortness of breath and anemia.

4. Cramps are killing you!

Cramps or period bloating is very normal it is part of the deal when we talk about periods when your uterus is contracting to push out the uterine lining, a little discomfort is very normal, it usually starts before the period, but If the pain is excess then you should worry.

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