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Wondering what questions to ask your crush : At least once in your life, you might have had a crush on someone. I can surely anticipate the butterflies that run through your stomach before even starting the conversation or you might have been stuck between conversations.

A lot of people keep crushing on someone but don’t dare to talk. So here is a list of some questions to ask your crush that will make your impression, and might be, he or she gets interested in talking to you? Are you ready for it?

Questions to ask a Boy over text or call.

A lot of people have a misconception that a boy is bold and they don’t cry!! Boys are shy too, and they do have a lot of deep and intense feelings hidden behind their smiling faces.

One of the best ways to win your crush’s heart is to know those feelings and understand those thoughts. In the world of flirting and just for dating, we shall not forget what authentic relationships mean. If you have a crush on someone, try to understand that person from your heart to build up a heart-to-heart connection.
Girls have one of the best skills to use their smile and kill a boy with that smile.

So are you’re ready to use the power of your smile and ask a few questions?

1. Hey, I have always wondered how you guys manage to play games and do things altogether?
(Asking males about games will make them feel that you are interested in his gaming zone, and he might feel happy that you understand his gaming interests.)

2. What kind of Music do you like to hear?
(Try to ask questions related to Music, so that you can understand his taste of songs, which might help you carry forward your conversation. Also, Music is a binding tune to attach)

3. I have heard that guys have an interest in cars, is that true? Also, have you heard about car modifications? Do you like them?
(Asking questions related to cars or bikes make boys interested in conversations, and they openly express the desire to have these fantastic cars or bikes.)

4. What kind of food do you enjoy having the most?
(The most important thing is food; asking him about his favorite type of food, I will make him interested in either having food with you or having an idea of his taste. And if your food tastes to match, I guess you are a combination with a match too. And if it doesn’t check, you both could have fun suggesting each other yummy and new dishes.)

5. Do you enjoy watching series on Netflix or prime? / What is your favorite series, and what do you like about it.
(Series or movies, help you understand what kind of a person he is and what are is interests. Knowing about favorite series or films also allows you to understand the type of mindset that he has. Also, you will be able to go to watch different movies if you got interests.)

6. What are your hobbies, or do you enjoy collecting out different things like other boys do?
(Most boys have a habit of collecting shoes, watches or maybe sunglasses. Also, some may have different hobbies like building up software or maybe art or photography. Knowing someone’s passion helps you to understand how to spend good quality time with him in the future.

7. What is the biggest dream that you want to achieve in your life?
(People have big dreams in life that they have always wanted to fulfil, knowing these dreams, I will help you build up a better connection with another person. It also becomes more comfortable for you to give them their quality space whenever they are working towards the dream)

Questions to ask a girl over text or call.

Most of the girls are very touchy about things, and they are intensely connected to their fathers. Many girls are sporty and enjoy being just like boys, some girls are fashion-oriented and want always to present themselves, and some enjoy just being in their pajamas.

But one common thing about girls is that they expect their dream partner to be just like their fathers. If you have a crush on a girl, you should indeed treat her with the utmost respect and care. Questions that you should surely ask your passion.

1. Hey, how do you manage to look so beautiful each day?
(A lot of you might think that this is cheesy, this simple question will bring a smile on her face. Also, she will feel a positive Vibe out of you, which might further deepen your bond.)

2. What are your most cherished dreams of all time?
(Many girls are imaginative about their future, asking them about their dreams would surely make her feel that you are interested in knowing her and somehow you will be happy to see her achieve them.)

3. How have you been doing all day?
(Girls love to describe how their day was and want to pinpoint each and everything that happened in their day. So get a lot of time if you want to know how her day was. Also, you can ask a lot of questions while she tells about her day.)

4. What kind of clothes do you enjoy wearing the most?
(All girls have a different taste in clothing, and once you know what they like to wear, they would surely want you to be comfortable around her in whatever she wears. Girls like to be in their comfort zone, and that is pajamas. Also, they would want you to be pleased if they apply makeup or dress up like a diva. You should feel happy in whatever way she looks like.)

5. Do you like to party or do you want to stay at home? / What is your favorite chill-out zone?
(A lot of girls like to party, and some want to stay indoors. Girls always try to be at someplace that makes them feel peaceful and brings joy to them. If you know that right place, you can indeed run into her heart straight)


If you want to have a conversation with someone, the most important thing is to build up a heart to heart connection, and everything happens by itself. These were some questions that would surely build up a deep bond for you both.

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