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9 Indoor Cardio Workout For Beginners To Get Fit At Home



You don’t need any gym or trainer for your cardio routine. You can easily burn calories and increase your metabolism by easily doing exercises at home, even without pieces of equipment. Let’s see what’s the best indoor cardio workout is for you!

Best Indoor cardio workouts:

1. Jumping jacks:

This is a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that decreases our body weight and fat. It also develops abs.

How to do:

You need to stretch your arms and legs and stand erect remember to keep and head spine straight keep your feet together and your arms should be resting, bending your knees jump in the air, Now spread your legs wider than shoulder-width as you jump stretch your hands.

While coming down you have to make sure your feet rest on the floor and your shoulder is apart you practice according to your will. This is the best indoor cardio workout.

2. Box jumps:

The next indoor aerobic exercise is box jumps it helps to tone the thighs and buttocks.

How to do:

You have to stand straight, be in an athletic position, the feet should be slightly apart, stand away from the box not too far get down in squat position now swing your arms and push your feet off the ground and jump on the box. Do not make a landing to thud, it should lighter. This is the cardio you can do in your room.

3. Cross jacks:

This exercise is an easy way to burn out fat in the thighs, biceps, triceps, and calf.

How to do:

You have to stand straight keep your head and spine straight, let your arms rest, and keep your feet together, stretch your leg outward and jump high. Let your arms go above your head, crossing the wrists. Now if you come down, cross your feet bring your arms down, crossing them in front of your hips, try to inhale and exhale while crossing the feet.

4. Jog:


You can easily do cardio exercises at home.

How to do:

Stand straight, with shoulders apart and hands by the sides of your body lift your knees as high as possible.

5. Standing oblique crunch:

This can be one of the other cardio exercises for beginners and can be easily performed at home without equipment.

How to do:

Stand straight with feet shoulder apart, place your hand behind the ear, place your body weight on the left leg and lift your right leg outside. Make sure the knee is bent now lower the elbow while you bring the knee and now you can rest to starting position.

6. Butt kicks:

Butt kicks are very effective it is to improve body balance and agility.

How to do:

Stand straight with your feet apart place your hands by side, bring your right heel to buttocks by contacting the hamstring, place the ball of the right foot in the back on the ground and bring the left heel to buttocks.

7. Skatter squat:

This squat exercise is very useful and helps to burn calories and strengthens cardio.

How to do:

Stand straight and your head and spine erect, keep your feet together while allowing the arm to rest beside. Jump to your left now extend your arm backward, bring your right fist toward your chin, now your left foot should be on the floor while your right leg is raised backward. Squat swiftly, do the same on another side.

8. Jump lunges:

This is another cardio workout at home that helps in improving body coordination.

How to do:

Stand straight now keep your foot together and hands resting on your body, keep head and spine erect. Inhale and lunge forward with the right leg, now while bending the elbows and fold the fists, bring the left hand in front in cheat, while the right rests on the hip. Now jump quickly switch your arms and legs allow yourself to land in a lunge with your left foot.

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9. Burpees:

This is an excellent cardio exercise.

How to do:

Keep your feet together and sit in a squat position, place your arms on the ground in front of your feet. And get ready to jump back so that you land upon the push-up position. Bend your forearms and perform push up in this position. Jump back to the previous position bring feet beneath your body. Now smoothly bend your legs. Practice till you can.

We all know cardio exercises are very important for the lungs, you can try cardio exercises at home.

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