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9 Amazing Benefits Of Headstand You Must Know



Headstand or traditionally known as Shirasana is often touted as the king of all yoga poses. While it is a little difficult to master and requires constant practice, once learned it can provide benefits like no other yoga pose.

Yoga handstand pose is an ancient yoga pose that has benefits ranging from healthy skin to lesser diseases, creating an even rhythm for hormones, and much more.

If you are wondering, are handstands good for you? The answer is a big yes! Here are,

9 health benefits of headstand

1. Glow for the skin

Headstand is one of the upsidedown yoga poses that have various benefits. An often overlooked benefit is healthy and glowing skin.

Headstand reverses the flow of gravity and increases blood circulation to the face. Increased circulation means increased oxygen flow and finally glowing and bright skin.

2. Prevent hair loss

Looking at the benefits, are you thinking about how to do a headstand? Well, start simply take the help of someone else or a wall and balance your core to maintain balance. With practice, you would master this pose.

Hair loss that is caused by decreased blood flow can be stopped and cured with handstands. Since handstands oppose the flow of gravity, blood flow towards the hair follicles is increased and hair loss is prevented.

3. Hormone benefits

Another yoga handstand benefit is increased hormonal benefits.  Standing upside down increases blood flow to the pituitary and hypothalamus gland.

These glands are vital for the well-being of the body and maintain the body’s thyroid. These master glands stay in better condition with increased blood flow and lead to health benefits.

4. Better mood

Adrenal glands also receive better blood flow due to the reverse flow of activity. This can lead to a better mood and positive thoughts.

Adrenal glands release hormones in response to stress and when overworked they can cause irritability, blue mood, etc.

5. Improved blood circulation

A proper headstand results in improved blood circulation in the entire body and especially the upper body.

Good blood circulation has multiple benefits like reduced stress, release of toxins, better skin, less breakouts to name a few.

6. Help drain fluid from feet

As we know, headstands lead to good circulation which can help drain fluid from the feet. This prevents the buildup of fluid in the legs and prevents varicose veins.

veins generally happen due to improper blood flow and lead to swollen, discolored, purples or painful veins.

7. Improved digestion

Headstands are also excellent for the gut. As per Ayurveda, headstands are also good for digestion as they increase the digestive fire.

This means a healthy gut which is the first sign of good health. A healthy digestive system means less acne, more energy, and a fitter lifestyle.

8. Strengthens core muscles

Proper headstands against the wall or even without support, require an abundant use of core muscles. In order to maintain posture and balance, we need to tighten our core muscles.

Repetitive use of these core muscles strengthens them- not only the superficial ones but also the deep ones. Headstands engage the obliques, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis.

9. Reduce back pain

Headstands are an age-old yoga pose that is guaranteed to relieve back pain. In patients with the lumbar disease, this inverse position reduces pain and can even prevent the need for surgery!


Start doing headstands with the help of a practitioner to avoid any injury. Initially practice against walls and with practice do it without support.

Practice regularly and soon you shall the good results of this excellent yoga pose.

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