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6 Best Melanin Rich Foods For Hair: Increase Melanin Naturally



Melanin is mainly a naturlaninal pigment that determines your hair colour. As the production of this pigment decreases in your body or maybe slows down, your hair might turn grey or even white. Since the colours occurring mainly symbolizes the effects of aging and growing older, but many people wonder how to increase melanin in body and thus, always been keen to boost up their melanin production and restore their desired colour.

Melanin might also affect your hair colour as you start ageing

Melanin pigment food mainly goes through a significant pigmentation that may bring out changes throughout a person’s life. In simple words, your hair colour might not stay the same colour and how to increase melanin becomes the greatest question. That’s the reason for a blond child may come closer or en route for being a brunette in its teen or maybe in adult years.

Darkening hair colour can also be prejudiced by many external factors, such as pollutants, surroundings, toxins, and even climate. The slowing down in melanin production into your body can simply prove as a part of ageing. Research from Trusted Source has also discovered that most people begin to start ageing or developing grey or white hair nowadays much before the age of even 50.

Melanin also affects your hair’s vitality.

Melanin might be slowing down doesn’t affect the pigment of your hair colour, but it also affects your hair’s vitality. That is why grey hairs, which are barren with melanin production, might often have a dry and brittle texture. So no more stress by thinking how to increase melanin in your hair, there some foods mentioned that will surely help you with pigmentation for your hair.

Melanin rich foods for hair

Below is mentioned a list of some most common and useful 6 of the antioxidants, mainly Melanin rich foods for hair that might help you in preserving your skin by incorporating into your diet:

1. Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is mostly rich in vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant mainly heightens collagen production and even protects your skin cells from many harmful free radicals caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. In addition, a serving of red cabbage mostly contains sulphur nutrients which usually help in producing the protein keratin that would provide the strength and structure to your skin, hairs, and also nails.

2. Avocado

Many skincare products excite mainly in avocado oil for soothing a moisturizer that helps deep penetration of nutrients in the skin and thus, hydrate the patchy areas by reducing wrinkles. Avocados are basically jam-packed with many essential nutrients like mainly vitamin E that carries anti-inflammatory properties and rejuvenate your skin and thus, reduces sun damage.  Avocados are also rich in lutein, which aids primarily in your skin’s elasticity.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very rich in vitamins and is a superfood with overall great vigour benefits. It blocks down the collagen breakdown, and it is also known to restore the lost moisture of your skin.  Dark chocolate is very rich in vitamins (mainly A, B1, C, D, and E) and has many nourishing antioxidants and minerals that will relieve your dry skin. The flavones always found in dark chocolate, however, also help in protecting the skin from sunburn.

4. Kale

Kale can also ensure some of the heavy liftings for keeping up your skin clear. It is hence, loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, including vitamin K that always assists in treating skin conditions. These also have powerful leafy green, which maintains anti-aging agents like magnesium to even out your skin tone. In addition, raw kale is also filled with copper, which is an essential mineral in stabilizing your skin proteins and, thus, revitalizing the synthesis of melanin.

5. Carrots

Carrots are mainly filled with beta-carotene as a pro-vitamin that even converts as a percentage into vitamin A, supporting improved vision and a healthy immune system. Beta-carotene is primarily a plant pigment that is mainly found in fruits and vegetables like they are rich in orange and solves the issue of how to control melanin.

6. Melon

In addition to vitamin A, Vitamin E is thereby known to improve the body’s melanin production. Therefore, melon is not only a portion of delicious food, but it also contains both vitamin A and vitamin E, making it an ideal option for people looking out to get a more natural tan. Additionally, melanin can also state as and well-known for its antioxidant properties and thus, preventing premature skin ageing.

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