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10 No Calorie Foods That Are Hiding Under Your Bed



If you want to lose weight, we all know eating fewer calories food is a significant aspect. Calories help you function every day. However, most of the low-calorie foods list is not gratifying and leave us hungry even more.

For your information, there are many low to non-caloric foods that cover your satiety level and help you lose weight, and are readily available as well.

Here we have provided you the low-calorie foods that fill you up.

All the low-calorie foods :

1. Broccoli

This calorie-free food is one of the most wholesome vegetables one can eat. It has 100% Vitamin C with only 31 calories in about 90 grams, perfect for people having cancer. It can be eaten either roasted, boiled, or as a proper meal.

2. Eggs

Full of protein, eggs are both low in calories as well as high in nutrients. This food with low calories has approximately 70 calories. Eating at least one egg every day, especially in winters, helps you gain optimum nutrients and reach your satiety level.

3. Chia Seeds

Known as a superfood, chia seeds are packed with around 137 calories along with 4.5 grams of protein. The fiber in chia seeds can absorb water about ten times its weight.

Chia seeds can be eaten through shakes or juices after absorbing them for some time in the water to gain maximum benefits.

4. Potatoes

If you are wondering what food has the least calories, potatoes are something that everybody eats daily. If prepared correctly, potatoes can prove to be very beneficial for health. It contains around 160 calories along with 4 grams of fiber as well as protein.

Eating boiled and roasted potatoes are the most fulfilling and nutritious apart from the fried ones.

5. Watermelon

What is the lowest calorie fruit? Watermelon is a lightweight fruit full of water and low in calories, with only 45 calories in around 150 grams of watermelon. It is perfect for summers and keeps us hydrated, also containing nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin A and promoting fullness.

6. Spinach

Another nutritious vegetable, Spinach, contains only seven calories in 30 grams full of vitamins and minerals. Its high folate content, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A perfectly have a fulfilling yet nutritious meal.

7. Broth and Soups

Broth can be prepared with both chickens as well as beef. One cup of 250 ml contains a mere 7 to 10 calories. If you are a vegetarian, you can simply prepare a soup made of vegetables with equal amounts of nutrients and calories.

Broths and soups can be eaten as they are or with stews and roasted or boiled vegetables.

8. Sprouts

Sprouts contain the highest amount of proteins. Not only this, they have only 30 calories per 90 grams. These low-calorie vegetables are fulfilling and highly nutritious as well, perfect for people of any age. Studies have also shown that sprouts help in preventing damage to DNA.

9. Carrots

Carrots are low-calorie foods you can eat a lot of either raw or cooked. Positively stuffed with beta-carotene, carrots contain around 50 calories per 130 grams. It should especially be eaten by people who have low eyesight.

10. Garlic

Garlic is a kind of vegetable with no calories. Chefs highly use their richness in smell and flavor. Containing only 5 grams of a calorie per 3 cloves, garlic is also a medicinal vegetable used to treat cancer and lower blood pressure.

The list of these no-calorie foods also reflects that what has 0 calories can also be nutritious and fulfilling.

These no-calorie foods are perfect if you want to cut back a little and lose some weight. Not only this, but all these no-calorie foods are also healthy and help in ailing diseases.

If you pair these zero-calorie foods and do exercise like walking, running, swimming, or even dancing, it will help decrease your weight at a faster rate.

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