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10 Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship & What To Do



What hurts more than losing you is knowing that you are not fighting to keep me. Relationships require hard work, but from both sides. Everything that makes a relationship work (and by work here I mean is being happy and sustainable for both people involved) requires an authentic, profound admiration for each other. Without that mutual respect, everything else will unravel.

It is useful to point out that love, itself, is impartial. That can be both healthy, or harmful depending on how you love someone else or you are loved by someone else. Love is never sufficient to endure a relationship.

Maybe not in the starting but with the span of time, realize that your relationship is toxic both physically and emotionally. There is no doubt that it is an unhealthy relationship but you still struggle to leave or address it.

Toxic relationships not only mean being abused physically or verbally, but they are also the ones that make you feel void, exhausted, and sometimes even devastated. We put up with this kind of relationship for any sort of reason- maybe because of low confidence, maybe we are not aware enough to understand what’s going on, maybe we are too emotional to handle things, and so on.

10 signs of a toxic relationship you might think are normal

1. Jealousy is somewhat natural in a relationship and even healthy from time to time. But an excessive amount is a sign of a toxic relationship. One of the most important aspects of a relationship is trust but jealousy can ruin the love booming.

2. Self-esteem is one of the most essential nature A person should carry but if you keep on hearing criticizing statements regularly like I don’t like your dress, cut your hair or I don’t like it like that, why didn’t you reply to my messages, why are you going out, why are you wearing so much makeup, and many more, that can be a problem. This controlling behavior can downgrade anyone’s self-confidence.

3. Having hope in a relationship is not bad but waiting for them to change can be a deal-breaker for a functional relationship. You are too emotionally attached to that person that you turn a blind eye to all the bad behavior. Therefore, have faith that a change will come which will never happen.

4. Communication is considered one of the most important elements of a relationship but sometimes a person may feel afraid to talk about certain topics in fear of their better half going silent or leaving. This is also known as stonewalling by the therapist.

5. Fighting sometimes can grow the bond between two people and bring them close but excessive drama and conflicts present in a relationship can make anyone feel drained and exhausted.

6. Sometimes we are not able to see because of the love we have for the person that in what way our relationship is going. So at that point, if our family or friend points something out, we should never ignore them.

7. As we all know honesty is the best policy but if your partner starts hiding things like his or her whereabouts or who you met up with or who they are talking to just to avoid spending time with their partner. Dishonesty can weak and cause trust issues in a bond.

8. When you feel like, my partner doesn’t even know me so well and feel like yourself around them is the point a sin for you to know that your bond has changed the path and you and your partner are very distant in your relationship.

9. Only physical presence in a relationship doesn’t mean that there is an effort being made in that relationship. All the work love or compromises coming from a single person cannot sustain a relationship for long.

10. This might seem like one of the obvious reasons for an unhealthy relationship and that is physical abuse. Any pain you face during a relationship is toxic.

These bad effects can be avoided and the relationship can be saved if:

  1. Both the partners are willing to display an attitude to work on their relationship.
  2. When both of them can stop blaming each other and start understanding they may have a path forward.
  3. This is a big one but sometimes you may need outside help. That outside person can be your family, your friends or even a therapist can help you repair your relationships.

Everyone deserves a second chance but make sure it’s not for the same mistake. Relationships are not supposed to make you feel bad. Therefore, letting go of toxic people in your life can be an act of self-care.

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