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How To Deal With Mixed Signals : 10 Mixed Signals In Relationship



“HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT,” we all have heard this cliched phrase for million times in our lives, and many of us even try this during the adolescent or teenage years of our experience. Girls and boys generally tend to do this upon receiving some unclear 0r mixed signals from the next person, and then they often whine and cry and say, “Why are guys so confusing or Why are girls so confusing?’

Mixed signals” are something every individual faces multiple times in their life. Boys and girls, even uncles and aunties, get inside the trap of mixed signals. Mixed Signals even become a threat to healthy and fruitful relations. To know more about mixed signals, we first need to understand what mixed signals are?

 MIXED SIGNALS: From the term itself, we deduce it refers to a group of contradictory actions. An elaborate definition or meaning says that “ The actions of men and women that contradict their words, especially in matters of attraction and love.”

An example of a mixed-signal could be exchanging flirtatious texts between a girl and a boy and then referring to each other as friends the next moment.

In case of an exchange of mixed signals between friends, things even turn ugly. Hence, having a clear idea of mixed signals and ways to tackle them is necessary. It is essential to know what should be done if he sends mixed signals or if your ex is sending mixed signals.

Let us talk about boys first. Many of the girls are in a dilemma relating to a text they received or something they heard. Many of the girls also get confused about what could be the possible mixed signals from a guy.

All ladies and girls are confused and frustrated from mixed signals being sent to them by their boyfriends, best friends, ex-boyfriend, etc. Firstly, we need to know about some mixed signals boys show.

Below is a list mentioning common and possible examples of:

Mixed signals from a guy

  • Overlooking their partners
  • They say one thing but do another
  • Unexpected romantic gestures
  • Loss of sex drive or no drive to do the dirty
  • Initiation of post-breakup hookup
  • Regular and consistent checks on you
  • Call you in case of lows, breakdowns, or needs
  • Act jealous if you are spotted hanging around with someone else
  • He sends a text, then doesn’t reply to your answer
  • Drunk calls or drunk texts
  • He would say he is not interested in a relationship and wants to stay single but would keep asking you out at various instances
  • He would like and comment on all your social media posts

Whenever a girl receives such actions from a guy, she gets confused feelings about the situation, and she starts to feel differently. She doesn’t know how and reacts and take off the situation ahead, and many behavioral changes also begin to appear.

Just like girls, boys also get confused about getting mixed signals from girls.

 Firstly, let us have a look at the examples of:

Mixed-signal coming from girls

  • Sounds interested at one moment and uninterested the other
  • She would talk to you for hours one day and doesn’t speak at all the other
  • Gets jealous when you talk about other girls
  • Tries to seek your attention at various instances
  • Doesn’t want to reveal her status (single or taken) in public
  • She says something and does something else
  • She would keep a regular check over you
  • Calls you first in case of any trouble or requirements
  • She would like you to accompany her at various outings
  • She would flirt and compliment your looks, personality, etc.
  • They would encourage you to be vulnerable and open out to them but would not open their hearts out to you

Now the most crucial part is how to tackle these mixed signals smartly and gracefully.

What should be done if he/she is sending you mixed signals?

You don’t have to worry at all. This article will give you everything related to mixed signals. Below is a set of points that needs to be kept in mind while standing in front of a person sending you mixed signals (be it your friend, best friend, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, etc.

1.Take a step back:

Do not show overexcitement by grabbing the first opportunity you get. Try sitting and giving it a thought, and then act on it.

2. Turn your anxiety into productivity:

Do not let your anxious nature spoil your relationships. Correctly use your anxiety and try knowing and understanding them better and then act on them as per your desire.

3. Do not cancel meetings or dates for stupid reasons:

If you like that person and want to give a chance to it, then go for it. Do not let the stupid reasons come in your way.

4. Do not make faces or pout, or act needy:

Expressions are a sign of communication. Horrible or terrified actions are taken as unfavorable, whereas pout actions express a desire for a kiss. Do not talk too much dirty or compliment too much and start acting cheesy because that indicates wanting to be in their bed.

5. Keep making each other comfortable:

Comfort is essential for a transparent exchange of feelings, views, and ideas. Try making your partner comfortable so that they could be clear of their decisions.

6. Take some steps to make him/her jealous:

Keep sending yourself flowers, letters, chocolates, gifts, etc. anonymously to make your partners jealous. This will help you, and they realize their true feelings.

7. Try acting pricey and busy at times and turn down offers of outings:

At times, it is imperative to turn down your partner to realize you are worth it. This would also ensure extra effort and care in your regard.

8. Consider sitting together to talk and sort things out:

Sitting down to talk and sort out the argument is the best way of tackling it. Sit down with your partner and come to a conclusion relating to your relationship.

9. Conduct research over his history and then assess his behavior and try understanding it:

Flirting and talking dirty could be part of one’s nature and might be confusing for others and can give mixed signals. To avoid getting hurt, conduct research over his past relationships and behaviors, and then analyze their current behavior.

10. Remember your desires and wishes and do not compromise on them:

Nobody should leave or forget their desires, fantasies, etc. to be with someone else.

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